The Shock of the Century: Faroe Islands 1-0 Austria (1990)

August 4, 2013• BY

Faroe Islands shocked the football world when they beat Austria 1–0 in their first ever competitive international game in September 1990. The game, a Euro 92 qualifier, was played in Landskrona, Sweden because there were no grass pitches on the Islands. The goalscorer was Torkil Nielsen, a timber salesman and chess player from Sandavágur. Goalkeeper Jens Martin Knudsen had a great game and made a series of fine saves. His white, bobble hat was his trademark.


“I thought a lot about taking off the hat because I would have been the world’s biggest laughing stock if we’d lost 0-10, but it’s good to wear something on your head when you’re in a new world,” he later told Rund. “There are plenty of good ‘keepers in Europe, but they don’t wear hats so they’re not remembered. Maybe that was my good fortune.”

YouTube user Peeds100 uploaded this magnificent scene from the game when. His version of the story and a translation of the commentary is included in the description of the YouTube video.